All About Electronic Cigarettes

What Is An Electric Cigarette

e-liquidA precision device that provides an exact nicotine dose just like a regular smoke without tar and toxins. The only thing released by the smoke free cigarette is nicotine and a small amount of water vapor. It looks, feels and tastes like the real thing providing the tactile, hands on feel smokers most often miss.

Smoking without smoke is just one of the benefits of e cigarettes. They are less expensive than tobacco, with no tax, making them a real money saver for smokers. So how does it work…

Electric Cigarettes Look, Taste And Feel Like The Real Thing

They consist of 3 components. The battery that powers the unit, the cartridge containing the nicotine e-liquid and the atomizer that heats and vaporizes the e liquid. It is automatically activated when the user takes a puff. The micro-electronics sense the air drawn through it and produce a refreshingly clean smoking experience.

When the user inhales, the electronic sensor built into the atomizer “senses” the airflow and heats the nicotine/glycol solution in the cartridge releasing an ultra-clean vapor for the smoker. The mist tastes and feels like taking a hit off a regular smoke.

Electronic Cigarettes Duplicate Tactile Feel

In your hand, they feel exactly like a real cig and to save money, the cartridge is refillable. That’s right, when the cartridge is empty you don’t buy another e-cig, you simply refill the cartridge saving HUGE amounts of $$$$$$.

We all agree that the price of a pack of cigs is not likely to start going down. With inflation and taxes, prices will keep rising making this habit increasingly expensive. This makes the smoke free alternative healthy and cost effective.

Cost To Use Electric Cigarette

If a pack of smokes costs $6 and you smoke 1 pack a day, you will spend $2100 a year. With the electric cig, one nicotine cartridge costs $1.5 and is equal to about 10 cigarettes reducing your smoking cost to per $3 per day. This saves you over $90 a month or $1000 per year. Now if you want to save even more you can refill your cartridges (a very easy task I may add), bringing the cost down to less than $1 per cartridge! This increases your savings to over $1300 a year. For a 2 pack a day smoker the savings will be $2600 a year and a 3 pack a day smoker would save $3900.

With smoke free cigarettes, there is no burning or combustion. You inhale no smoke or tar and improve your health immediately with easier breathing, cleaner, clearer lungs and less colds and flues. No smoke also means no more smoke odor. You breath, clothes, car and home will no longer smell like an ash tray. And don’t forget, your teeth will no longer look dingy and yellow. This is a beautiful thing!

With No Smoke Use Them Almost Anywhere

At work, restaurants, nightclubs, on airplanes are just a few of the places e-cigs are allowed. You will no longer be banished to the smoking dungeon or outside to the wet and cold to get your nicotine fix. Second hand smoke is also completely eliminated making life safer for your friends and family. And as nothing is ignited or burned, there will be no more tragic house fires caused by a smoker falling asleep.