10 Reasons You Should Consider Vaping

#1 – Vaping is the Future

According to RIP Trippers, a vaping YouTuber with over 800,000 subscribers, vaping is the future and the future is now. His channel is entertaining but it can be a bit much. He’s really animated and a bit cheesy at times but that’s just his style. On this point specific point, we absolutely agree with him. Smoking is dead and vaping is the future.

#2 – Less Carcinogens

Traditional cigarettes are full of mysterious ingredients. The lion’s share of these ingredients are absolutely terrible for you. They are carcinogenic and have been known to cause health issues. We’re not asking you to read our website and believe us. Do your research. Take a look at cancer.org’s research to learn more about the carcinogens in cigarettes.

#3 – Less Unhealthy

You know what we really wanted to say here, but we decided to play it safe and stay within the FDA’s guidelines. We can’t claim that vaping is healthier until more studies have been done. But what we can say is that vape juice has a lot less carcinogens. Carcinogens are super unhealthy and have been linked to various forms of cancer. Since vape liquid has less carcinogens, we can use deductive reasoning to say that vaping is less unhealthy.

#4 – It’s Cheaper to Vape

Vaping is inexpensive compared to cigarettes. You just have a one-time upfront cost of buying a vape pen and then you’re in the clear. You can get a vape pen for a fraction of the cost of one month’s worth of cigarettes. They are as cheap as $15 from www.vapepenstarterkit.com/cheap-vape-pens.

After that, all you have to do is buy e-liquid and replace your atomizer every few weeks or every month. The atomizers are $1.25 at www.myvaporstore.com. E-liquid varies in price but is also really cheap. We’ve used e-liquid that was as cheap as $3/10mL and it was pretty good. If you buy in bulk, it’ll get even cheaper. You will save hundreds of dollars every year by switching to vaping. If you’re a heavy smoker you can save thousands of dollars.

#5 – Better Flavor

E-liquid tastes a lot better than burnt tobacco leaves mixed with chemicals. Not many people would argue with this one. Smoking involves burning a substance until it produces smoke. Smoke tastes notoriously bad. It’s carcinogenic and the smell gets stuck everywhere. Vaping is the act of heating up a substance until it vaporizes. There’s no smoke or stench. Vape liquid is also flavored. The flavors smell heavenly. You can vape a variety of flavors ranging from fruit flavors to tobacco flavors. Vape liquid tastes like awesome!

#6 – Better Breath

Naturally, vape juice doesn’t make your breath smell as bad as cigarettes. If vaping does anything to your breath, it’ll make it smell better. You can vape mint flavors too. Those almost certainly make your breath smell better.

#7 – Easier To Use

Vaporizers are way easier to use than cigarettes. They are also more convenient. You can vape indoors without making your house smell unpleasant to visitors. When you vape indoors, it makes the room smell like air freshener. Filling and firing a vape is a lot easier than lighting and smoking a cigarette. A cigarette is a fire hazard and much be watched until it is put out. A vape can be puffed once and put away. If you just want a quick hit, you will have a hard time with a cigarette. With a vaporizer, you can easily take a hit or ten hits without much trouble.