Are E-Cig Mods Dangerous

ego-batteryE-Cig Battery ModYou’ve likely heard about injuries caused by electric cigarettes. Exploding batteries and dangerous fires are actually more common than most people think. So is the is the e-cigarette dangerous to use? The simple answer is absolutely not. This is because the injuries caused are due to what are known in the vaping community as “E-Cig Mods”.

Ecig Mods are add-ons or modifications of stock smokeless cigarettes. Users modify their devices for many reasons. The most common are to produce more vapor, increase battery life or hold more e-liquid etc. It is the mods that turn a normal electric cigarette into an extremely dangerous device.

Common Mods

The most common type of mod is the battery mod. Users attempt to increase the amount of vapor produced, increase their battery life or both. The problem is that like all electric and battery operated devices, e-cigarettes are designed to work with their own unique power source. Adding more batteries (known as stacking) or larger batteries is just plain dangerous. Would you add another battery to your car to make it faster? To make matters even worse, users often stack their batteries inside a metal pipe or similar device. In other words, they build a pipe bomb and put it in their mouth.

Batteries are very precise instruments especially the rechargeable lithium type used in electronic cigarettes. There are specific guidelines that must be followed when combining batteries to avoid fire and explosion. Combining batteries of different voltage, MAh or amperage will result in dangerous if not fatal consequences.

Be Careful

On their own, e-cigarettes are completely safe when purchased from a reputable supplier of name brand products. The top manufacturers work very hard to make their products safe and durable. The most important fact to note about mods is that they are completely unnecessary. Anything you can accomplish by performing e-cigarette mods can be can achieved by simply purchasing the correct unit in the first place. So the question becomes do you want to spend a few dollars on the correct e-cig or save a few bucks and risk losing part of your face?

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not condemning those who choose to modify their e-smoking devices. I’m saying don’t mess with it if you are not 100% sure of what you’re doing. Just buy the proper e-cig for your smoking style. It’s just not worth risking your life to save a few bucks.